DirectAdmin Servers

Whenever you switch servers, you will have to recompile PHP again. If you simply got a new server then we’ll install DirectAdmin on it and set this up from scratch and make prepared to utilize for your company or personal use We provide all technical support linked to your DirectAdmin Control Panel. You obtain a server, that ideally ready to work for shared-hosting. The remedy to this depends upon your server itself. Make sure Plesk on the destination server has an individual license. For instance, if you intend on migrating MySQL databases, make certain that the MySQL server is installed and running on the destination server, and so on. The RPMforge repositories should be added, as a way to yum install it.

Vacation messages are used together with already existing POP3 accounts. They tell others that you are away. To begin with, choose the POP3 account you need to put in a vacation message to.

The support provided will be entirely transparent to your customers. If you intend to offer or if you’re already into offering technical support for customers who own DirectAdmin servers, we could function as a lengthy technical support team for your industry. To us, support speed and quality is among the most crucial factors of giving birth to a host.

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